Cocoa 5 Senses is a unique experience. It's created with the Finest Belgian Chocolate.. It's creators are the international well know olfactory artist Peter de Cupere and top chocolatier Patrick Mertens from Boon, The Chocolate Experience.
  • Smell and taste the amazing scent of Eau de Cocoa
  • Taste and eat the finest Belgian Chocolate
  • Feel and touch the structure of the cocoa bean
  • See the beauty of the Cocoa 5 Senses bottle
  • Hear the cracking of the chocolate in the mouth and the emotions it evokes
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Heroes also die

Created by artist Peter de Cupere and Boon, The Chocolate Experience

Peter de Cupere is a Belgian olfactory artist know for his famous scent installations. Patrick Mertens is a Belgian Chocolatier, together with Inge Lijnen he realized 'Boon The Chocolate Experience' which stands for high chocolate quality. Together Peter and Patrick created Cocoa 5 Senses and the Cocoa Air Mask