Artist Peter De Cupere


Peter de Cupere is internationally the most renowned artist who works with scent. Over 17 years now, Peter de Cupere has been using scent as context and concept in his art works. He paints with smell, makes scented objects, soap paintings and sculptures, does perfumances, makes scent concept drawings and builds poetic scent installations. Centrally in his work is the questioning of society in relation to the climate changes. His work deals with processes, with changes in time and that in combination with the spatial power of scents which, even stronger than images, are stuck in our memory. He confronts us with the long gone experiences due to the known chemical developments.

He exhibits everywhere in the world. This year he participated in Biennial of Havana and he showed his work in Buenos Aires, Palermo, Basel, The Hague, Germany and Belgium. Besides being an artist, he also teaches at the Art College PXL MAD in Hasselt and he does a doctoral research into the use of scent in visual arts.


Boon The Chocolate Experience, Patrick Mertens & Inge Lijnen

Boon-ChocolatierPatrickMertens tcm13-9049

Patrick Mertens and Inge Lijnen are the protrusive powers behind BOON, The Chocolate Experience in Hasselt. Patrick Mertens has been the technical advisor for Barry Callebaut in Wieze for 15 years. Inge Lijnen comes from the advertising world and was a copywriter for several publicity agencies. Together they have started BOON in 2005 in a stately old mansion in the centre of Hasselt.

Chocolate house BOON is a unique combination of an open studio, a chocolate shop and a coffee lounge. Because Patrick Mertens learned how to make shapes himself in Canada, they regularly come out with new creations and designs at BOON. Patrick and Inge have worked together with several renowned names from the fashion, art and culinary world, including Paul Smith, Hannelore Knuts, Harrod’s, Nike en Essentiel.

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